Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Module Three

1. The first item I looked at was an Ezine called "The Truth Telling Forum" which I found on the Ezine directory. The site's motto read "An alternative to mainstream media... where the truth sets you free!", so I immediately knew that this was going to have a liberal agenda. The main page of the site featured links to various news articles, grouped by section headers such as Environment and Middle East. The site was set up pretty well and seemed legitimate enough.

The next thing I looked at was the Daily Kos website, which featured many blogs written by different people with an even more leftist agenda. The site featured many links within the blog text linking to the articles they referenced to ensure the readers they weren't just making things up. Once again, the site was well put together and fairly easy to navigate.

2. When comparing the two aforementioned sources, the Ezine seemed more effective overall. The Ezine definitely felt more professional and effective than the blog oriented site, since the Ezine featured "professional" reporters and seemed more legitimate in it's reporting style. The blog site featured anonymous writers with odd screen names and seemed much less professional in style. Since I cheated and used the external links section, they were both quite easy to find. Once again, the Ezine was easier to read, since their articles were formatted in a more traditional sense, whereas the blog site was full of bright colored links (which fried my colorblind brain) and just less professional overall. The events covered were mostly different, with the blogging site focused on the traditional uber-left wing Bush bashing and reports of radical viewpoints of current topics.

3. Once again I din't think any of these things were strong enough to change my view on blogs, so I sill stand with my thesis.

*Edit*-I thought I posted this a couple weeks ago, but I was once again foiled by technology when I did something like clicking "Save as Draft" as opposed to "Publish". Damned technology. I say we throw away the iPods and go back to vinyl. Or else.

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