Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Module Two

a. - This here is a link to the blog of the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, in which the author makes "quirky" observations and shills his merchandise.

b. - This site has many short blogs offering advice on how to properly produce a business related blog.

c. - This one's a bit more interesting. This a a site run by an author of a book about business blogging, written with a bit of a cynical take.

2. Other means an entrepreneur has to market themselves would be the more "traditional" ways, such as advertisements in various forms of print media (magazines, newspapers, etc) television advertising, and an array of other non-Internet related options.

An advantage blogs can have over these other methods is obvious: blogs allow for the opportunity for said entrepreneur to interact with people interested in their service. Blogging also allows for frequent updates regarding their service or anything that may be related to it.

Blogs can be an effective addition to traditional forms of self-promotion, but would not be a suitable replacement for it. A blog alone does not seem like a safe bet to rely on when one would also have the opportunity to use other means of advertisement. Blogs do have a nice feature in that they offer more detailed and possibly personalized views on the subject, but I'm sure many more consumers would be led to said blog if they had an idea of what they were looking for. So, blogs are a great addition to the method, but not a replacement.

3. I would say the research I found neither supported or unsupported my thesis, since my thesis was in regard to blogging's effect on print journalism, not necessarily advertising. I suppose it could somewhat NOT support my thesis, since it is possible blogs could affect advertising in print media, but I still strongly believe blogging would not replace traditional advertising in any way. So, I stand by my initial thesis at the moment.

The End!

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Erin said...

Great start Matt.
I think this is probably one of the cheap tools to self promotion but agree that it is not the only self promotion tool
Please let me know when 3 and 4 are up and running!